Carlton Ambassador HotelAnastasija & Koen | Den Haag Wedding

It’s been an amazing adventure for us! We had a great pleasure to photograph Anastasija and Koen’s Den Haag wedding. Though it was a small family ceremony, it turned out to be an incredible mix of cultures, habits and temperaments. Not only we have seen places with amazing history (and stunning light!!!), lots of beautiful flowers (April is the middle of the tulip season in Netherlands) but also so many emotions!

We were counting the days to our flight from a long time, as it was our first wedding this year. We were so excited to shoot in the Netherlands!
Finally the day came, locked and loaded we started in the interiors of Aveda Lifestyle Salon, where Anastasija and her closest family members were getting ready. Oh yes!! It looked awsome. But, as we were to find out quite soon, it was just a beginnig of incredible interiors this day, cause the ceremony took place in sixteenth century building of Old City Hall. The light, paintings, sculptures, wallcoverings and the officient – all combined in a beautiful picture. It was a pure pleasure to capture it all.

The last stop during that remarkable day was Carlton Ambassador Hotel where the reception took place. It was kept simple yet still elegant with all the decor carefully and meticulously prepared my Koen’s mum and the loved ones. Oscar for the supporting role goes to the mirrors here which definitely helped us capture the intimate atmosphere and let us spice up the frames a little bit.

Anastasija and Koen… they were there during their Den Haag wedding just for themselves and their families. Happy, unpretentious, natural and definitely IN LOVE.